We offer three stallions which have proven themselves in the sport and with their offspring.

All three stallions have semen of outstanding quality. Offspring of all the three stallions can be seen in our stable.   

If you are interested in breeding with our stallions, don't hesitate to contact us! 

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  Scope and perfect manner - this capital grey stallion was successful in international showjumping himself and passes on his positive attributes to his offspring. His family guarantees motivation, scope and perfect reflexes. Additionally, Chiwago's foals all have beautiful faces and sporty long legs. He is a real alternative for the proven bloodline of Capitol combined with the special effect! 


Bloodline "Chiwago"


Chiwago (Capitol - Grannus - Argentinus)


  The oldest offspring which he produced in his earlier years in England jump exceptionally under the saddle and are highly demanded by international riders. The first generations born in Germany underline the positive impression of his offspring. 

Chiwago is available via fresh semen and has a very high fertility.


Contact Me

  His unbelievable motivation and rideability mark up this grey stallion out of Holstein damline 4779. He is successful in the big classes himself and also has offspring which competes in 1,50m showjumping. Just a perfect son of Carthago! 


Bloodline "Contact Me"


Contact Me (Carthago - Acord II - Mephisto)


  His successful offspring demonstrate that Contact Me passes his own attributes to his kids. They jump in perfect manner and have a very positive attitude towards showjumping. 

Contact Me is available via fresh semen and has a very high fertility.



The Holstein "Chardon" descends from prominent ancestors who passed on to him an unsurpassed disposition for show jumping.

  Born in 1996 as the offspring of Campione (Capitol I x Sacramento Song xx), descendant of a daughter of world famous Landgraf and the guaranteed top performer Caletto II, Chardon was awarded the title "premium stallion" in 1998 during the grading in Westphalia, Germany.

  Chardon proved his high performance motivation in numerous young horse classes. His great jumping ability and his friendly character make Chardon a stallion of outstanding personality.

Chardon is available by arrangement for natural service for select mares.

Bloodline "Chardon"